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Dean Speech

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      On behalf of all members of the Deanship of IT at PSAU, I would like to welcome you to the Deanship of IT and Distance Learning Portal.

The new technologies and advanced methods adopted by the of IT and Distance Learning to provide electronic services is an important resource that enables the PSAU to have its high position among other universities and educational institutions.

Despite its recent establishment, the deanship has reached all the university’s members and visitors from all provinces through it services.

Moreover, PSAU has achieved many local and international awards thanks to the efforts university’s leadership and my colleagues at the deanship. The deanship has adopted many international standards in conducting its works and in the provided services. It was set as an example in reducing the costs, increasing the revenues and preparing a suitable work environment.

The deanship’s ambition reaches the sky, which is indicated in its projects and services and in its remarkable relations with its partners and government.


Dr. Khalid Alnowaiser
Dean of IT and Distance Learning
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