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Agencies and Managements

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1. Agency of Electronic Transactions:
The overall objective: To support and promote the transformation of the university in implementing e-government transactions according to the vision, mission and goals of the university, the controls legislating this, and available solutions and technologies.


Managements of the agency:
1.    Management of applications and systems
2.    Management of University Electronic Portal
3.    Databases Management
2. Agency of Infrastructure:
The overall objective: To provide, operate and maintain the IT infrastructure that serves electronic transactions and e-learning, and distance education techniques. This infrastructure includes networks and networking, computers and information security, as well as an information center with servers and other equipment meeting the latest technological standards.



of the agency:

1.    Networking Management
2.    Operation Management
3.    Technical Support Management
3. Agency of Distance Learning:

General objective: Employing modern techniques of education and learning to support the traditional educational process and the transition to e-learning, as well as the development of programs for distance education.


of the agency:

1.    Management of e-learning systems
2.    Management of the development of e-courses
3.    Management of learning sources and techniques
4. Management of Studies and Development and Quality:

The overall goal: To undertake research to determine new trends in the work of Deanship and to monitor its development and quality in accordance with recognised international standards.

5. Project Management Office:

General objective: To manage and deliverthe Deanship projects according to the International methodologies in professional project management with the best use of financial and human resources available.

6. Finance and Administrative Affairs:

The overall goal: To provide financial and administrative services for all projects and the work of the Deanship and its staff.



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