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E-transformation plan

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E-transformation plan

University strategic plan of E-transforming is one of the biggest projects that University executed. The plan aims to harmonize workflow with IT to develop the ability of e-service achievement. In order to achieve this aim, University has studied its current situation and prepared a plan of the targeted situation regarding to (Workflow, Information Systems and IT Infrastructure). Then, University has compared between current and targeted situations to fill gaps between both situations.

However, Yasser Program aims to enhance and develop e-services as well as the needed IT infrastructure; evaluate gaps between current and targeted situation; and preparing University strategy of e-services regarding the governmental plan of e-services.

Moreover, University aims form this project to develop a comprehensive consultancy study, in order to provide integrated e-services to its students, faculty members, university community and governmental sectors as well as privet sectors. This program is a clear evidence that University is working within the government directions toward E-transformation and the University future vision of developing e-services of the University.

It is worth mentioning, that Project Steering Committee includes an elite members from University and Yasser Program.

 Names of committee members is as shown below:

·        Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Asimi / Rector and the first sponsor of the project.

·        Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Khudairi / Vice-Rector and Head of Project Steering Committee.

·        Dr. Mohammad Saeed Al Qahtani/ Dean of IT and Distance Learning and Project Manager on behalf of Salman bin Abdul Aziz University.

·        Dr. Samer bin Ahmad Sahla / Dean of Admission and Registration.

·        Dr. Mubarak bin Faheed Al Qahtani / Dean of Faculty members and Staff Affairs.

·        Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz Al Haqbani / Supervisor of Administrative and Financial Affairs.

·        Mr. Hassan Hourani / Manager of Yasser Consultant Group.

·        Mr. Majid Khayyat / Manager of Yasser Business Development Group.

·        Mr. Abdullah Al Qarni / Manager of Yasser Business Development Group.


  Project Description

Yasser Consultant Group provides its services in the field of governmental       E-transformation such as:

1-    Analyzing and documenting study of the current situation.

2-    Using outputs of the current situation and compare it with University vision to meet University plan.

3-    Analyzing the gap between current and targeted situation.

Project Target

The main target of the project is reaching the e-transformation plan of the Government to enable Salman University of providing a group of e-services to its Students, Faculty Members, Governmental Bodies and Saudi Community.


Scope of work and Project Outputs


·        Project Charter

·        Architecture Vision.

·        Baseline of Business Architecture.

·        Baseline of Information Architecture.

·        Baseline of Technology Architecture.

·        Target of Business Architecture.

·        Target of Information Architecture.

·        Target of Technology Architecture.

·        Gap Analysis.

·        Roadmap and Initiatives Catalog



Success Factors of the Project

·        Direct sponsoring of SAU Rector. (the first sponsor of the project)

·        Support and co-operation between all concerned parts.

·        Establishing work teams within two weeks after signing the project.

·        The availability of needed information about University strategy and its services.

·        The commitment in project plan and service level.

·        The responding on information requests from Al Kharj University during two days.

·        Reviewing each of project outputs and presenting notes about it within five days from receiving the outputs.

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